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----FREE to use in any kind of commercial/non commercial project. :D----
(just don't resell and claim it as your own work)

This music pack contains 10 loopable tracks with over 15 minutes of legit 8-Bit/NES Style Chiptune Music ready to be used in any kind of Retro or Pixel Art game (2D Platformer, RPG, Action Adventure, Metroidvania, Mobile Game and so on).

All the music files are exported in a high-quality audio format (.wav, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit) and carefully organized in two ways:

a) Individual files containing segments of the music tracks: Intro, Loop and End.
b) The entire music tracks with precise descriptions of the loop points in seconds.
(Don't forget to read the manual included in the package).

All the files of this package are released under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license

Licença Creative Commons

Composed and produced by Marllon Silva a.k.a xDeviruchi 
Background art by Kauê Daiprai
Released on March 30, 2021.


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xDeviruchi - 8-bit Fantasy & Adventure Music (2021).rar 174 MB


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The music in this pack is great! I put out a game (https://alzhu1.itch.io/vania-mania) using Exploring the Unknown for BGM. All the music sounds great though, thanks for making this available!


I love this asset pack so much! I love all of the music. I love the beginning of prepare for battle as it reminds me of shovel knight. Even if I'm not using this for a game, I still listen to the music as a background music. This soundtrack actually inspired me to make a Zelda inspired top-down game as well! You are very talented and I encourage you to keep doing what you do :D


Great tracks!! I used The Icy Cave and Mysterious Dungeon as bgm for two levels in our Vampire Survivors-like called Deadly Harvest. They're a great fit for the feel of our game. Thanks so much for sharing!

Hi positronic

Thanks  for your kind words. I'm very happy to know that some tracks fit well into your project.
I checked the steam page for the Deadly Harvest and it looks amazing, congratulations on the release! :D 


This is perfect if you don't have ideas or you don't know how to make music




I used “Minigame” in my simple game Run Giraffe!. Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for making this epic retro music!

I added "And The Journey Begins" as the main music for my first ever published game on itch.io!


Anyways continue pursuing your passions and have a great day :)


this is sick!

Is there any possible way to access the music files without downloading/opening the .rar file? I don't have a way to open the .rar file (for complicated reasons-). If not thats okay, thank you! Love the music :)

For sure!
What's the best way to share the files with you (google drive folder + link to your email)?

I don't have my own personal email being 13 and all. Would a secret url work for you? Basically creating a new restricted project with the files and sending me a secret url here then deleting it once I reply. My situation is super dumb and probably won't make sense. It's totally okay if you don't want to send the url or if I don't get the music zip. I'll leave a rating though because this is good music!

Thanks for your review and for your kind words!
Oh, so you just need it to be in .zip and not in .rar?
And yeah, creating a new project just to share a secret url seems overcomplicated for me at the moment :/ 


Basically yeah xD I can't open the .rar file because macOS nor can I install an application to do that. Also, no worries! I know it's super complicated and dumb to create a new project, that's totally okay! Thank you for helping though :) 


I also ran into the same problem since I am using MacOs.

There is a way to convert the ".rar" file to a ".zip" file using an online converter.


I tested it out and it works like a charm.


Oh wow, thank you!

You're welcome ;)


Love them! And thanks for separating the tracks and adding instructions on how to use them.


I loved the asset. used it in my project:



Muy buena


Im making my first like big project using this and ima use this music in my game and game trailer.. i gave u credit in trailer :)
Link:- https://msquad360.itch.io/sir-red-and-sir-blues-epic-adventure


Hope you dont mind

Go ahead, you can use it! 
And good luck with your project, I hope everything goes well; it looks awesome so far :D


Thanks a lot!

The Demo is almost finished, I hope you play it with a friend when it's released!

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Hey do you do commissions? I'm in a team of 3 making a roguelike-RPG with heavy class/character building mechanics, and music like this would fit perfectly!!

Either way, love the music. This is my programming playlist lol.


Hey Bertie, thanks for your kind words

A roguelike-RPG, sounds awesome! :D
And yes, you can reach me at music.emsmarllon@gmail.com for comissions/work related stuff.

(for some reason I missed the notification for your message, sorry for the delay) 


Also which software(s) did you use to make these?

I used 0CC-Famitracker to compose/arrange all the songs and Reaper for mixing/mastering


Beautiful! Please make MOAR!

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Awesome, thank you! I will give you the credit


imma use this and give you credit


soooooo great

Hey it's really awesome I'mma use it just for fun video hope its okay i make an account just to comment and thank you!

Hey, really awesome tracks!, I'll be using this to my game jam, I'll credit you in it!, can I also use this on my devlog? will it be copyrighted is there I should copy paste to avoid it?

and also, I'll be replying back after I can submit the jam!
it'll be a wizard shooting game, fantasy themed. :)

Thank you so much for your interest in using my tracks :D

For sure! You can use in any kind of commercial/non-commercial projects. 
You won't have any copyright issues, I'm just not sure if it's ok to post some kind of content on spotify using these songs (I need to check this :p)

Hey!, just posted my game :)
here's the link: https://zedrick1435167gmailcom.itch.io/sylvannas-trial
tho it's pretty hard, I hope you'll enjoy it XD
( at least 15 minutes of total playtime of completion )

Thanks Again for the Awesome Music!!!, I'll be bugging you more if I made a new game with your Bgm on it,
hope you wouldn't mind. XD


This is a life saver for the jam i'm participating in seriously awesome music thank you so much for making this!


Thanks for using it! :D

Thank for the great music!  I’m using the two of the songs in my game @ https://clarkjohn.itch.io/wizard


What program do you use?, i'm interested to create music like this, anyways good wor


Thanks, i'll try it ou


Amazing music! I just released a game here using your music on it :D
This one, if you wanna check.


Thanks for the awesome music! I ended up using several of the tracks in my own game


These soundtracks are great, I am using them as background music for my art Streams! :D

Yay! :D


I used a couple of these tracks in my latest game (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1285960/The_Ancient_Art_of_Staying_Alive/) and sent you a donation in appreciation. Thanks for the music! :-)

Thank you very much!I'm very glad you liked the songs and found it to be useful, also congratulations on your release! :D




Thanks! :D


Hey man thanks so much for the incredible music! This is seriously top level stuff especially when it comes to free assets! I donated $10 thanks so much for your amazing work! ^^

Thank you for your kind words and donation! :D



Thank you for this amazing music!!!
We've made a cyberounk game for a jam using it

Also your credits are given at the end screen
Looking forward to a new music from you!!


Thank you for making these great tracks and letting others to use it. These songs matches perfectly with my game.

You deserve more but I have some restrictions over international transactions for now. Will make more donations in the future.


I'm really happy that these songs worked perfectly for your project! 

Wow! I made these songs to be completely free and I never imagined that people would choose to donate! Thank you very much :D


That's some high quality music!

It's pretty rare people would make 8-bit music these days. 

Do you mind if your music was being used in erotic games? The kinds of adult games you would see on itch.io platform? 

Or as long as you are being given credit, its fine to use it on all kinds of artworks that are legally allowed to be sold on itch.io?


Hey Puipuipui, I'm glad you liked it!
Hahaha I confess that I was surprised to hear about the possibility of using these songs in an adult game, but yes!
You can use this music in any kind of audiovisual commercial/non commercial projects. :D


AHHH- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! You're so generous and you're so nice to let people use this for commercial purposes- I'm trying to make a game/choose your adventure thing and i needed a soundtrack- i just spent about 20 minutes trying to make my own but ended up getting something sounding like a dying walrus trying to sing opera and play drums. im so happy that this exists!! thank you so much!


Hey Srxacha, thanks for your comment!
Unfortunately making games is VERY complicated and doing all the assets by  yourself can be quite overwhelming so
I'm really happy that you found it to be useful! 
Whenever you need custom music/sfx for your project don't hesitate to contact me :D


OMG, this is so good! Are you sure about letting anyone use it for commercial products? You're incredible!

Hey kingoftheconnors, thanks for your kind words :D
Yes! I made this album/music pack just to help begginner game devs to have cool songs in their first projects (commercial or not); in fact, projects of all kinds and not just in the games area. 


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I've been looking for! Do you take commissions?

Yep!I'm working on some projects at the moment, but if you need custom music/sfx for your projects you can contact me anytime on Instagram -@xdeviruchi
or via e-mail: music.emsmarllon@gmail.com



Thank this music fit my game :D


Nice! :D




Thank you! :D


this music makes me want to learn to code an RPG game, congratz, you are a very talented artist


Muchisimas gracias. me esta serviendo mucho para mi proyecto

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