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omg, I love this community and how developers help each other! I loved the songs.

Congrats! <3

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Thank you I love the songs and I was making a game and I found this and the music fit so well with it so I thank you Also I will Credit you

Thank you so much MrDevJrDuck!
I'm glad you liked it :D


Thank you ^^ I will credit if I release my game someday.

Thanks ryu204!
Hope everything goes well on your game project. :D


I used some of your music in my game Bullet Shed and it fits really well!. If anybody wants to check it out it would mean the world to me;

Hey PitifulRock, thanks for letting me know about your game! 
You did a really good job on Bullet Shed, congratulations! :D


Thank you for making these! I used the Title Theme for my game and it sounds great!

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Thank you so much for these tracks ! I used them, and credited you, for the trailer of my game : !

I'll credit you again in the credits of the game, you rock ! :D

Wow, I love clicker games! Congratulations on your project, I've already put it on my Steam Wish List.

Thanks for letting me know! :D


Thank you for these awesome tracks!!!

Thanks for listening. I'm glad you enjoyed it!  :D


This music is incredible. So inspiring.

Thanks! :D


I liked it a lot, I'll use in my game

Thank you for letting me know!
I'm glad you found it to be useful. :)

Did you make this pixel art banner? i was in need of something like that

Nope, i only did the music and all the other stuff.
The awesome pixel art banner was made by my friend Kauê Daiprai,  you can check more of  his work at instagram or artstation.

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Opa, muito obrigado!
fico feliz que você curtiu. :D


This is some great music.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :D

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